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Jiddish music, humour and a tickle of jazz

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„Es is unz ain fargenign...“

„Playin’ Tachles“ takes the listener along on a Jewish-European-American journey in which charming singing, traditional rhythms and tunes, oriental surprises, jazzy sequences and free improvisation melt together. The happy and melancholy tunes are complemented by the eccentric subtleties of Jewish humour.

The five musicians from Switzerland and Germany unite music from traditional Jiddish folklore with sharp-tongued proverbs, philosophical, humorous anectodes and self-ironic jokes.

Klezmer Jazz is World Music in the proper sense of the word. With their second production "Shein Vi Di L'Vone" Playin' Tachles is on the way to new musical shores. As in "Es is unz ain Fargenign" the Jewish culture, which is so rich in emotions and stories, comes to the fore in the bright, brand-new arrangements of the group.

The musicians easily reach the heart of the listener. In their new production traditional Klezmer music is reshaped. Listening to the band, you can hear the optimistic essence of Jiddish-Hebraic music.

With their second album "Shein Vi Di L'Vone" the Basle-based group combines the influence of many cultures into a danceable, effervescent musical mix. The vibrant colours of Jazz, Gipsy, Balkan und the South Seas  are a mixture of impressions of the selected texts: anecdotes of typical Jewish humour.


Neele Pfleiderer | vocal/text 


Christoph Gisin | trumpet/bugle/handpan/percussion      


Yuri Storione | piano  


Roberto Koch | doublebass   


Johannes Gutfleisch | drums & percussion

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