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Weltmusik Jazz, humor, klezmer, weltmusik, Basel

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"It's a pleasure for us..."

With this programme the group from the Three Country Corner (Dreiländereck) present their first CD with music from Jiddish, Hebraic, Anglo-Saxon, and East-European cultural areas. The musicians as well as the listeners experience either melancholy or happy moods that are followed by nostalgic memories of joyful events. Both the musicians and the the listeners experience the Jewish charm: The music and the wit of people who can laugh about themselves have an irrisistable attraction. Thus - with a wink of an eye - you feel personally spoken to by some roguish worldly wisdom. You also find affection for situational humour, plays on words, and clever witticism in the tunes and lyrics of the selected music pieces.


„Wer hat gelt in zeyn tash, iz klug, kukt gut aus und ken sheyn zingen“


He who has money in his pockets is smart, looks good, and can also sing well.




Neele Pfleiderer | vocal/text 

Christoph Gisin | trumpet/bugle/handpan/percussion      

Yuri Storione | piano  

Roberto Koch | doublebass   

Johannes Gutfleisch | drums & percussion



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